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Destination Paint Out

Beth Ming Cooper

Lisa Hut

Andrea Gabel

Lisa Hut

Deborah McAllister

Lee McVey

Alice Leese

Cecy Turner

Peter Campbell

Demo by Show Judge Gerald Merfeld

Opening Night

Gerald Merfeld and Anita Winter

Marianna Duford

Andrea Gabel and Holly Kernes

Jeanne Echternach, Holly Kernes, Jennifer Riefenberg, Cecy Turner and Gina Ward

Award Winners

Best of Show

Dawn Buckingham “Late Fall Shadows” Pastel

See all of the Award Winning Paintings

Demo by Lorie Batson

Heading Home

"On the way home from Durango it finally stopped raining and blowing long enough to bust out the paint! I tried to "channel" Gerald Merfeld, who demonstrated for us in Durango. Pushed my comfort zone, 12x16 and slathered on the paint with a big brush and palette knife! FUN! Thanks for the inspiration Hecla Junction."
Marianna Duford

Buffalo Kaplinski, painting at Wolf Creek Pass

Thank You to our Volunteers and Sponsors!

Allana Ruby
Andrea Czarnik
Andrea Gabel

Anita Winter
Ann Stringfellow

Carrie Schultz
Carla Forrest

David Rahn
Deborah McAllister

Gary Gore
Holly Kernes

Jeanne Echternach
Jennifer Riefenberg

Ken Hartman
Marie Johannes

Marianna Duford
Mary Pat Ettinger

Michele Farrier
Robyn Stephenson

Peter Campbell
Sharon Abshagen

Steve Kernes
Susan Matteson

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