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Master Signature Members

PAAC Master Signature status is an honor bestowed upon a very limited number of artists by the board, and by the existing masters.

We invite a select few nationally respected artists who are also Plein Air Artists.  They are supportive of PAAC, and are occasionally called upon to be Awards Jurors.  They show their work our annual exhibition, and sometimes do demos, lectures, workshops, etc. for PAAC members.

Joe Anna Arnett

"After the Harvest III"
12 x 16 Oil

Doug Dawson
"Near the Spring"
14 x 15 Oil

Debra Joy Groesser
"Gone to Check the Lobstahs"
9 x 12 Oil

Albert Handell
One Sunny Morning
9 x 12 Pastel

Jeff Legg
Longs Peak Morning
  10 x 10 Oil

Karen Vance
"Winter Grays"
12 x 16 Oil

Lorenzo Chavez
14 x 24 Pastel

Kim English

"Colorado Fence Line"

12 x 16 Oil

Quang Ho
"Bear Creek"
10 x 20 Oil

William Scott Jennings
"Eucalyptus at Sunset"
  11 x 14 Oil

Don Sahli
Fresh Shadows Melting Snow
20 x 24 Oil

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