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Plein Air Artwork
Curt Gillespie strives to portray the grace of nature in his watercolor and oil paintings. A native of Colorado, Curt creates representational paintings of nature’s landscapes and architecture. Discovering scenes with unique composition and contrast, cool shadows and warm light – these are the attractions that compel Curt to his easel.

Artist's Statement: Art has always been the mainstay of my life. I love the outdoors, and that’s mostly what I paint. I hope to attain in my paintings the aesthetic value felt in the warm hues of dawn or the freshness of a spring shower. It is such essence after all, that makes the outdoors so appealing. To convey even a fraction of it in a painting is a success. I will never stop learning about the fine art of painting -- to do so would be a compromise. I seek to explore new subjects and new ways to increase the impact of my artwork.
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