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Fine art landscape and still life oil painter. I painted as a child and art classes were a significant element of my education. But I got distracted from it while growing up to study subjects that would get me a 'real job'. I got the real jobs; still have one. I spent a few decades enjoying photography. Then in 2017 I rediscovered painting and I've never looked back, constantly taking classes and learning. COVID has had a golden side for me in that I have taken online workshops from some of my favorite artists: Jane Hunt, Kim Casebeer, Howard Friedland, Dave Santillanes and many others. Online workshops have expanded my ability to learn and continue growing as an artist. 2020 changed me as an artist and for this I am so grateful. Landscapes are my favorite subjects. I work to relay the sense of place and emotion I feel when capturing a scene on canvas. I also enjoy painting still lifes.
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