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Marty Brens

Marty was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in 1952. As a young person she passed a lot of her time drawing, mostly with pen and ink or pencil. She was encouraged early on by her mother who purchased her first set of pastels in the sixth grade. From that period on she began playing with other mediums, watercolor, acrylics and oil pastels. She sold her first watercolor commission at the age of 16, and it was then that she saw the possibilities of painting as a livelihood. In her twenties she worked in the design field and painted mostly in an abstract style. In 1990 she began to paint with oils on a more serious level, painting outdoors on location, “At this time my interest began to shift to representational work.”
Marty believes that the process of painting is an endless and challenging journey. “Painting is a humbling experience; every painting is a new lesson in technique. You are constantly being pushed to new levels. That’s the beauty of the journey!”
Marty chooses to paint intimate, simple compositions. She enjoys painting small parts of a whole; a piece of a mountain, small section of a garden, or intimate close up views. Her compositions seem inspired by a unique point of view.
Marty studied at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design and took a commercial advertising course at Platte College in Denver.
She has studied with artists Quang Ho, Kim English, Michelle Torrez, Mark Daily, Lorenzo Chavez, Skip Whitcomb, Kang Cho, Kevin Macpherson, and others.

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