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Congratulations to our 2016 Award Winners!

09/05/2016 5:48 PM | Holly Kernes
With comments from Jeff Legg - awards judge

Best of Show

Sabrina Stiles-“Daybreak at Sandstone”

“This convincing sun washed hillside demonstrates Sabrina's beautiful sensitivity to the nuances in nature and make this an outstanding painting. The subtle qualities of color and value combined with the solidity of form give the viewer a sense of place in this ethereal landscape.”

1st Place Signature
Debra Joy Groesser-“Gone to Check the Lobstahs”
“Debra has captured the intricacies of this scene with a confidant brush.  A beautifully organized and complicated scene that holds together as a whole with its interconnected shapes while being bathed in golden sunlight.”

1st Place Associate
Jennifer Riefenberg, “Aspen Impressions Winter I”
“Jennifer's painting has wonderfully organized shapes that make a seemingly simple composition striking. The color harmonies are beautiful and give the piece a strong atmospheric sense.”

2nd Place Overall
Jane Hunt “Lafayette Sunrise”
“Jane has created a piece that also captures a sense of place and time. Well organized shapes and control of values and aerial perspective enhance the mood, elevating this to an award winner.”

3rd Place Overall
Carol Strock Wasson “Lingering Snow”
“Carol's quirky use of color, brushwork and perspective make this painting memorable. Although awkward in a way, its un-idealized honesty makes it more authentic. “

Artists’ Choice Award
Jane Hunt “Lafayette Sunrise”

Master Signature Award
Albert Handell “"At Bays Point, Eastpoint, Florida”

Allen Award

Will Maller "Capitola"

Awards of Merit
Larry De Graff “Morning Glory”
Susan Matteson “The Long View”
Karen Halbert “Santa Fe River Turbulence”
Ani Espriella “Headed to the Meadow”
Kathleen Lanzoni “Sunlit Pool”
Carol Jenkins “West Wind”
Jeanne Echternach “Winter at the Fly n Bee”
Susiehyer, “Sedona Sticker Study”

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