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  • 07/06/2019 4:02 PM | Jennifer Riefenberg (Administrator)

    A big thank you to all of the participating artists in this years show and to all of those that helped out.  Keep an eye out for next years show announcement ....

  • 05/16/2019 5:51 PM | Jennifer Riefenberg (Administrator)

    Shipped paintings are arriving at the gallery and in just over a week, the hand deliveries will be coming in!  I hope you all can make it up to Grand Lake, Colorado for both the destination paintout and for the opening of the show!  Thanks to all of our artists/members who make PAAC a great organization!

  • 03/01/2019 8:31 AM | Jennifer Riefenberg (Administrator)

    A thank you to all artists who entered the 23rd National Exhibition and Sale which will be at Studio 8369 in Grand Lake, CO - near the west entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park.  The results are in and the catalog will be posted soon - another beautiful show! 

  • 10/13/2018 8:07 AM | Anonymous

    Best of Show - Dawn Buckingham “Late Fall Shadows”
    1st Place Signature - Peggy Immel “Furrows”
    1st Place Associate - Buffalo Kaplinski “Buckskin Pass”
    2nd Place Overall - Lydia Pottoff “Magic Hour”
    3rd Place Overall - Carole Buschmann “Third Times A Charm”
    Master Signature Award - Lorenzo Chavez “Evening Poem”
    PAAC Board Award - Virginia Unseld “Giant Souls”
    Allen Award - Leslie Jorgensen “Field of Purple Astor”
    Artists’ Choice Award - Peter Campbell “The Neighbor’s Barn”

    Honorable Mentions:
    Bonnie Anthony “ Wind Whisperers”
    Mark Brockman “Cotton Wood”
    Cindy Carillo “View from the Top”
    Jenifer Cline “The Old Guard”
    Andrea Gabel “Winter Acclimation”
    Shelley Howard “Brilliant Bells”
    Kathleen Lanzoni “Cold Storage”
    Sabrina Stiles “Sunshine and Snow at Dominico Farm”

    See the award winning paintings on the PAAC website!

  • 11/14/2017 10:10 AM | Jeanne Echternach

    FASO is offering a very special discount to all current members. All new FASO customers will receive their first year for only $30! This offer is now available and can be found on the Members Only page, under Partner Disounts.

  • 09/13/2017 6:22 AM | Anonymous

    Over $20,000 total awards given!
    See the winning paintings on our website.

    Best Of Show:  Carol Jenkins "Saturday Sunshine"

    1st Place Signature: Margaret Jensen "Cascade RMNP"

    1st Place Associate: Jane Christie "Valley of Fire"

    2nd Place Overall: Teresa Vito "Colorado Ranch Land"

    3rd Place Overall: Susiehyer "Cactus Color"

    Master Signature Award: William Scott Jennings "The Ramparts of Zion"


    Allen Award: Jason Emery "Yampa Valley Farm"

    PAAC Award:  Anita Winter "Waterton"

    Artists Choice:  Susan McCullough


    Awards of Merit:

    Bonnie Anthony "You Conduit"

    Sabrina Stiles "Still a Bit of Snow"

    Lamya Deeb "Weiser Wetlands"

    Lamya Deeb "Reflection on a Stormy Sky"

    Mary Ann Davis "Arboretum"

    Deborah McAllister "Zion Awakening"

    Lee MacLeod "Cortanca Chiesadi di"

    David George "Cold on Dutch Creek"

    Thank You to our Sponsors!

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    Art of the West
    Plein Air Magazine
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  • 09/12/2017 2:28 PM | Anonymous

    You all made this year's show a huge success!

    Leslie Allen
    Janet Anderson

    Chula Beauregard

    Carolyn Bradley

    Arleigh Carrier

    Jenifer Cline

    Marceo Correa

    Gail Denton

    Stephen DeOrio

    Jeanne Echternach

    Victoria Ekelund

    Ani Espriella

    Mary Pat Ettinger

    Loretta Foyle
    Andrea Gabel
    Mary Giacomini
    Nancy Hall

    Joanne Hanson

    Pam Holnback

    Stacey Horrigan

    Margaret Jensen

    Marie Johannes

    Holly Kernes

    Jan Kirkpatrick

    Nancy Lewis

    Valerie Meyers

    Debby McAllister
    Bonnie McGee
    Margueritte Meier
    Paul Nutting
    Lydia Pottoff
    Kath Reilly

    Jennifer Riefenberg

    Kathy Riedinger

    Lelijah Roy

    Clare Scott

    Robyn Stephenson

    Lindsey Ternes

    Ann Tristani

    Virginia Unseld

    Anita Winter

  • 09/12/2017 2:24 PM | Anonymous

    PAAC's Board and Masters have elevated Debra Joy Groesser to PAAC Master Signature status.

    Deb is a nationally known and award winning plein air artist, and participates widely in many significant plein air events each year.

    She has been interviewed on the podcast Artists Helping Artists, profiled in national art publications, and is the CEO/President of the American Impressionist Society.

    Deb has also been an ardent supporter of PAAC. She has served on the board, and has chaired two of our annual exhibitions. Even after stepping down from the board, she has generously mentored other board members and show chairs. She has been the presenter of awards at several PAAC exhibitions, and spoken at presentations.

    Deb has greatly contributed to the ongoing success of PAAC, and we have no doubt that she will continue to do so.

  • 06/08/2017 2:02 PM | Jennifer Riefenberg (Administrator)

    Congratulations to all of the artists who were juried into the 21st National Plein Air Exhibit and Sale, Sept-Oct, 2017 at Mary Williams Fine Arts in Boulder. 

    A big thank you to all of the artists who entered. 

  • 09/05/2016 5:48 PM | Anonymous
    With comments from Jeff Legg - awards judge

    Best of Show

    Sabrina Stiles-“Daybreak at Sandstone”

    “This convincing sun washed hillside demonstrates Sabrina's beautiful sensitivity to the nuances in nature and make this an outstanding painting. The subtle qualities of color and value combined with the solidity of form give the viewer a sense of place in this ethereal landscape.”

    1st Place Signature
    Debra Joy Groesser-“Gone to Check the Lobstahs”
    “Debra has captured the intricacies of this scene with a confidant brush.  A beautifully organized and complicated scene that holds together as a whole with its interconnected shapes while being bathed in golden sunlight.”

    1st Place Associate
    Jennifer Riefenberg, “Aspen Impressions Winter I”
    “Jennifer's painting has wonderfully organized shapes that make a seemingly simple composition striking. The color harmonies are beautiful and give the piece a strong atmospheric sense.”

    2nd Place Overall
    Jane Hunt “Lafayette Sunrise”
    “Jane has created a piece that also captures a sense of place and time. Well organized shapes and control of values and aerial perspective enhance the mood, elevating this to an award winner.”

    3rd Place Overall
    Carol Strock Wasson “Lingering Snow”
    “Carol's quirky use of color, brushwork and perspective make this painting memorable. Although awkward in a way, its un-idealized honesty makes it more authentic. “

    Artists’ Choice Award
    Jane Hunt “Lafayette Sunrise”

    Master Signature Award
    Albert Handell “"At Bays Point, Eastpoint, Florida”

    Allen Award

    Will Maller "Capitola"

    Awards of Merit
    Larry De Graff “Morning Glory”
    Susan Matteson “The Long View”
    Karen Halbert “Santa Fe River Turbulence”
    Ani Espriella “Headed to the Meadow”
    Kathleen Lanzoni “Sunlit Pool”
    Carol Jenkins “West Wind”
    Jeanne Echternach “Winter at the Fly n Bee”
    Susiehyer, “Sedona Sticker Study”

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